Friday, September 28, 2007


Ok. So maybe I won't keep this updated (frequently), which is though, now, an update of sorts. (Can I get away with that?) to be realistic, I'm thinking now that I can get to it quarterly to offer a new poem, change up some pics and anything else that might be relavent.

In other news, The World in Place of Itself has been out for about a month now. I am happy with it. Recently, as in yesterday, Poetry Daily chose to publish a poem from the book on their website for the date of Oct 5th. It's a great site with multitudes of fabulous poems archived. I'll post the link when it comes to date.

And for anyone interested, I'll be reading in Portland, Maine at Books Etc... on Sunday, Nov. 4th with April Ossmann, who also has a new book out now entitled, Anxious Music.

Friday, June 22, 2007

newish poem

I Swallowed the Black Pill of Childhood

I cased the place. I mean,
I cased the place. I paced to where my heels
bludgeoned the road like the butts of rifles.

I hollered for anyones attention. Nope.
Looking both ways--twice,
I pitched my assault and smashed every window
of that attorney's vacation house,

the art and the facts
left for someone else to piece together later.
I knelt down, drew my blade, and eviscerated the evening.

The clouds, conjugated tire smoke.
The limp hillside with its lung brushes for trees.

I knew then I would stir my coffee with an ice-pick
when I grew up, that I would find a way
to sell this goddamn pantomiming sunset if I could.

Ok... Inception. I am going to keep this updated. I'll post some more photos of paintings and probably some photos of travels and street art as well. And I'll probably include a poem or two, some links where you might be able to find some poems from journals and such, and just some verbal meanderings if it seems fitting.

The lovely folks at Alice James Books tell me that my book (poems), "The World in Place of Itself," is due out September 1. I haven't seen any samples yet, but I know they're close..., probably next week. In fact, I think it is available for pre-order via AJB, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Exciting stuff! I can't wait to see it... It seems like a while since its acceptance.

As of late, I've been writing a lot of new work, though not sending any of it out for publication. I'm coming up on almost another enitre manuscript's worth of material, though I say this loosely as it needs to be revised and formatted and arranged and paired down a bit I think. That could take a while. We'll see what happens...